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Elsie is an award-winning video editor, producer, and animator who has created dynamic and story-driven television and web content for the past 18 years. Regardless of issue area or topic, Elsie has a unique mastery of both technical execution, creative direction, and editing skills that immediately get to the heart of the story, compelling viewers to engage and connect. Most recently, Elsie worked as Director of Video Production and Director of Member Content Strategy for


Her work at MoveOn was used to inspire massive voter mobilization in the 2020 election and midterms, helped raise over a million dollars in funding for Black women candidates, and to reflect and lift up the phenomenal organizing led by MoveOn membership all across the country. 


Elsie's background is in political advertising and democratic media where she managed all aspects of production from script to screen, including editing, filming interviews, organizing shoots, and more. Elsie’s work has earned four Reed Awards and ten Pollie Awards - "The Oscars of Political Advertising."

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